When you care about the environment, you feel as if you are never doing enough to protect it. I am extremely proud of 美迪辛哈’s effort to weave environmental initiatives into our everyday life on campus. It is an important aspect of our 领导力项目 to recognize our role in sustainable development at both a personal and community level. 

可持续性 is the fastest area of growth in all aspects of life and these concepts are crucial to securing a healthy future for our planet. Guided by these goals it is now up to all of us to implement these environmental initiatives.

美迪辛哈学院 maintains a strong focus on using resources responsibly and growing awareness of our carbon footprint. 这包括教育项目, 校园建设, 以及各种学校奖项和年度活动. 美迪辛哈 proudly supports the 17 global goals for sustainable development in all areas of campus life. 的 United Nations established the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in 2015 as an effort to “transform our world” by 2030. 这17个目标和169个相关目标的核心目标是消除贫困, 对抗不平等, 阻止气候变化.

美迪辛哈学院 has installed a 600-kilowatt solar power array that is projected to produce 790kW of energy per year. It is located on the western portion of campus with trenching that connects it to the Ap Seaverns Athletic Center. Solar energy will cover around a quarter of 美迪辛哈’s annual use and the system can be expanded over time. 的 school has a power purchase agreement with the system owners where 美迪辛哈 buys electricity for 5 cents per kilowatt. This is locked in for 15 years with the option to extend twice for five additional years. 的 system maintenance costs are built into the rate and there are performance guarantees in the agreement related to the minimum of kilowatts delivered from the system. 如果不满足这些条件,学校将收到付款. 学校可以在不同的地方买断合同. 的 project was made possible by an upfront payment funded by a lead gift from the Willow Springs Foundation as well as proceeds from the 2019 Parents’ Association Auction.

Founded in 2006 and named after the legendary Abominable Snowman said to inhabit the Himalayan mountains, YETI公司建立在对野生动物的欣赏之上, 一个陌生的领域, 和高质量的齿轮. Its brand has grown into a popularly proud symbol of adventure and sustainability for outdoor enthusiasts, 露营者, 和周末追尾者. 美迪辛哈学院 has several initiatives aimed at increasing sustainability and decreasing unnecessary waste. 除了工作 蓝色地球堆肥 在餐厅和最近完成了一个广泛的太阳能项目, the school supplies each individual member of its community with a YETI reusable tumbler. Wanting to eliminate the use of paper cups on campus and demonstrate responsible environmental practices, 凯时k66下载继续通过更加环保来减少其碳足迹.

Zeno Dancanet is a sophomore from New York City who is providing his own inspired services in response to receiving his YETI. 在学校的技术教室工作,使用全光谱激光切割机, Zeno is adding personalized engraving to anyone wanting to add their own unique signature to their YETI. “I knew we had the machine and thought this would be a cool way of introducing it to the community,”他说. 于是,我创建了一个电子表格,开始接受订单. 这个过程教会了我很多关于管理和组织的知识. Everybody loves their YETI and we are all in agreement that sustainability is an important aspect of leadership.”

美迪辛哈 is proud of its talented faculty and committed to providing an array of vehicles for them to grow as educators and people. To enable faculty members to engage in nontraditional study in order to become more effective teachers and scholars, 提供夏季休假资金. Sabbatical proposals do not have to be strictly about education or teacher training; these grants are meant as rewards for commitment and excellence, 旨在帮助教师保持精力充沛. 之前的休假包括去达喀尔(塞内加尔), 莱茵河河, 在美国不同的地方, 西班牙南部, 希腊米克诺斯, 圣托里尼岛, 克里特岛), 夏威夷, 诺维雅斯科, 和法国.

关于凯时k66下载对全球可持续发展的承诺,最好的例子莫过于 年度选举的社区慈善机构. For nearly 15 years 美迪辛哈’s charitable initiatives have supported a wide range of global goals. 从贫困, 饥饿, 良好的健康和福祉,以清洁的水, 环境卫生, 素质教育, 和性别平等, 凯时k66平台学校承认它的世界公民身份. 

没有高质量的教育,可持续发展是不可能的. 凯时k66下载的核心课程集中在提供一个强大的、多样化的学习环境. 从数学、科学到技术, 艺术, 和语言, 凯时k66下载的学者们断言,知识是变革的载体.

维持社会及支持经济发展, the physical plant at our school maintains ongoing initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and operating expenses. 利用负担得起的, clean energy is a major way we demonstrate responsible consumption while respecting a global climate and life below water and on land.

  • 大规模太阳能项目
  • 将餐饮垃圾堆肥并与蓝色地球合作
  • 杜绝用餐时使用一次性物品
  • 对每个人都能完成
  • 在几栋建筑内安装了过滤水机,以装满水瓶
  • 校园四栋主要建筑均安装了天然气采暖设施
  • 更新了校园主要锅炉的效率
  • 用LED灯泡重新照明外部和内部照明
  • 提高了回收 & 废物计划〔单溪循环再造收集〕
  • 可降解垃圾袋 & 校园内可重复使用的咖啡杯
  • 在几辆维修车辆上安装生物柴油 & 教师住宅
  • 在整个校园都使用了使用后回收的材料

的 领导力项目 在凯时k66下载的重要性是持久的,并极大地加强了凯时k66平台作为全球公民的角色. 它为学生和校友做好准备,使他们能够在校园之外做出重大贡献. 核心要素包括对道德基础的理解, 目标设定, 沟通技巧, 解决问题, 自我意识, 和激励别人. It is in this way we fully embrace our partnerships with the 17 global goals for sustainable development. 只有共同努力,凯时k66平台才能确保凯时k66平台星球的未来. 凯时k66下载在以下几个方面认可领导:

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